Sumir Adodra

Sumir Adodra

Free Marketing by Sumir Adodra

If your want to make more money with your business on the Internet you must have a marketing plan. To  build a Web site and hope that people visit and buy your products or services, you first have to find your site in the network between millions of other sites dealing with the same subject, in other words the competition.

The only way that your Web site generates income to receive enough traffic and it’s something that will you have to make yourself or pay for it. Now you can either get traffic in 2 ways, you can do it with the free marketing  or payment.

I personally use much free marketing as you can get 100% of the benefits in your marketing as opposed to the world outside the Internet where you have to spend a lot of money in almost all aspects of your marketing campaign, but if you’re a novice in the Internet marketing Balcázar you will find that there are a lot of ways to get traffic to your Web site with free marketing.

Now, as to get free traffic to your Web site will demand a degree of patience because you rarely, but not impossible, going to get traffic to your website immediately, everything will depend on your niche market, your product, your price, etc, but this should not be a problem if your want to have a long-term business online.

Keep in mind that there are some free marketing techniques that are simply ineffective to achieve good traffic, I’m talking about classified ads and automated article submission software, for example. These 2 techniques should not even be in your marketing campaign, so my advice is to ignore them.

Advertising payment also yields its fruits, and indeed many marketers use advertising pay per click, but using it effectively, use it only to test, for example, a new page of landing or sales letter to see if it is or not and is not recommended to get direct sales since the pay per click (PPC) might be very expensive depending on the keywords that they are used and the degree of knowledge that you have.

Others use the mailing lists, are simply handle mailing lists Web sites which are basically people who give their email addresses to receive messages from other people about a topic in particular, and for the payment of a very modest fee, either monthly or not, you can send promotions, relevant information on your website, etc, and the advantage of this strategy is that you encounter an amount not inconsiderable of people who are interested in your information, achieving very good traffic qualified to your site and the consequent saving of time.

Get traffic to your website can be very easy for you, but you’ll have to study different traffic techniques and see which one will fit you, I would say that you should not take much time to get to dominate between 5-10 strategies free marketing that you can use to make your business a full.

The paid advertising works well, but I think that it can be leveraged a lot free marketing tools like Youtube, Facebook, twitter, forums of debates, marketing articles, other social networks, etc, proven and with very good results, it is advisable specialize in three or four of these for best results.

My very personal advice and the most recognized marketers, is to use both the free marketing and payment, since although with very marked differences, the use of both in an appropriate manner gives very good dividends.


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